Digital and Live Recording

Morelife studios prides itself as a hybrid between the digital and live recording world. Without compromising in the quality of any; we can render your body of art in whatever medium that is best for your project.

Live Recording

Bring your music to life…push the boundaries - create sounds that are larger than life, Record live with us.

live recording

We have the facilities to handle all your live recording and engineering needs, paying detailed attention to the timbre of all of the moving parts;
from the drums to the piano, the the stringed, acoustic instruments and the woodwind.

Even the children are welcome!

Digital Recording

You can choose to record your music live or simulate traditional sounds - digitally, with Virtual Studio Technology.

digital recording

Takes all the live sounds and methods you know and love and extend it to give you limitless possibilities and more creativity!

Live or Digital, choose whatever option works best for the genre and leave the rest to us!

Nothing has to give sonically!

Call any of these numbers 07030765953, 08178484671, 08101536132 to book a digital or live recording sessions with us today.

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